Looking for Capital?

We are a bit different than most conventional VCs. We invest only in teams that passed our accelerator program. Please check it out to see what we do there. For us it is the best Due Diligence. Still it is very important to us the we are a great fit for you and vice versa. You find our version of a fit here:

    There is nothing more important than an amazingly smart, agile, mindful and intelligent founders team.
    Great teams find solutions to any problem, weak teams often can’t even get an excellent product to market.
    We are looking for founders teams who complement each other, especially in the sections of technology, marketing and finance. Sorry, we do not invest in solo founders or teams where one founder dominates all other founders.
    We still have millions of challenges in our world. Lack of purified water in some areas, poverty in others, traffic congestion, lack of education, digitization, handling the rise of AI, energy shortages, transportation and logistics issues  and on it goes almost forever.  Teams who try to solve any one of those kinds of issues are what we hope to see. Bold ideas even if it looks ridiculous are really welcome here. You have seen our philosophy: No idea is too bold, no solution to crazy, we won’t turn you down because you are out of your mind.
    Let us know, where do you want to take it. What will you do in 5 and in ten years? Nobody knows? You are absolutely right. But we can make educated prediction when we look around, when we understand that in 10 years from now, there will be nothing mainstream which has not been developed already today. Let us know what your prediction is and how you got there.
    History has told us, the best companies had the best business models, not necessarily the best product. Some people even say the best product never won. We are very interested to hear about why you constructed the business model you have, how it is received in the market and if you see a disruptive element in your business model.
    Now this is another utmost critical point – almost as critical as your team composition. Billions are invested in innovation creation, in the process of invention, ideation, and patents. Yet a catastrophic amount of those ideas never made it to market. We need to know how you will make a difference by getting your solution into the hands of hundreds of thousands of users. Tell us how you generated traction and what you will do to grow your traction every single day.
    Of course you will need capital to do what it takes to bring your company all the way to the top. Share with us how you will spend the capital you are raising and in what time frame. Try to estimate consecutive rounds and when you think you can do an IPO. If you have a slide that says EXIT STRATEGY, remove it. It would end the conversation. If you don’t see your business go all the way to the top, it is absolutely no problem, only we won’t be the right partner.
    Assuming you completed your round how would you see us help you beyond just capital? What else would be critical to your success that we maybe able to contribute.
    We are rarely looking back – but we learn from the past and so we want to understand how much revenue you made so far with what. We want to get your current financial early on.

Oh – sorry – we didn’t ask about your product. Yes tell us a bit, but you and we know your product will look rather different in 2 years from now.