Society3 Ventures (Society3 Group AG) consists of Entrepreneurs and Investors from several countries. The team shares the idea that venture capital no longer can follow the old “spray and pray” model, simply “hoping” the investment decision pans out well. Conventional due diligence has only covered facts and figures, thi conventional interviews and pitches a superficial insight into the business. By working with new investees for 12 weeks during a growth stage accelerator fundamentally changed the way we learn about the teams and their market. The model has been successfully tested in the past four years.

Society3 Ventures focuses on leading edge technology companies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Smart Materials, Augmented Reality, Robotics, Prosthetics, Food tech  and similar tech segments.

Once we invests in a team, it will be accompanied by experienced entrepreneurs all the way up to an IPO or similar liquidity event. It’s the General Partner’s strategy to focus on extreme entrepreneurs bringing their company all the way to a global market leader position. The training methods have been proven successful since its inception as an accelerator in San Francisco in 2014.