Venture Capital Reloaded

Born in the San Francisco Bay Area, here we learned everything we could learn about entrepreneurship. Boldness yet mindful actions, braking all rules yet not the law, making the impossible a reality yet with time and money in mind, supporting others despite the fact we have no time, being open and transparent with our most secret ideas, shaping our mindset in a way that leads to incredible success…


Society3 Ventures is one of the rare global venture firms, that is picking the best entrepreneurs with the most innovative ideas from all over the world. We have representatives in 27 countries in Asia, Africa, Americas and Europe. Our investors have a sense for globalization also in the investments realm.

Our Headquarter is in Lucerne Switzerland and from here we collaborate with our ambassadors identifying highly innovative businesses around the globe.


Society3 Ventures is a unique venture investment firm. We look for unique founders, trying to make the impossible a reality. We have a unique way in selecting the teams we want to partner with, we have a unique way to help teams to go where they only dreamed to go, we have a unique way to work with investors who fully buy into our unique investment strategy, that has no interest in any short term gain, trade sales, exits by selling a company to another company. We are unique in how we work with the teams to go global faster than anybody else before. We are unique in the way we span our own global network. We are unique in our single objective: We invest only in teams that are determined to take their vision all the way to the top and IPO their company.